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In Our Community

We’re proud of our community and the partnerships we have with our neighbours, other businesses, and not for profit organizations. Some of our partners make and produce some of our ingredients we use in our kitchen on a daily basis. We’re big believers in supporting others and are always looking for new partnerships. Think we might be a good fit? Let’s chat.

Here are a few of the organizations we’re already working with:

Hope Blooms Halifax

Through innovative agricultural and culinary programs, Hope Blooms engages youth to become change agents. Thus positively impacting the community. These initiatives engage youth to become change agents. They create innovative environments for long term impact in food security, education, social inclusion and disrupting the cycle of poverty. These initiatives are inclusive and diverse. Working together Hopeblooms builds urban organic food systems for everyone’s benefit. Programs are based on experiential learning. This social entrepreneurship creates an impact that is inspiring and supportive. More importantly, it mobilizes positive change.

Shelter Nova Scotia

We work closely with shelter ns and provide weekly deliveries to feed those in the shelters.

World Food Programme

G Street Pizza is proud to join hands with the UN World Food Programme “WFP” to provide food for hungry children around the world. Joining the fight against hunger