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About Hope Blooms

About Hope Blooms

About Hope Blooms

Through innovative agricultural and culinary programs, Hope Blooms engages youth to become change agents. Thus positively impacting the community.

These initiatives engage youth in the high needs community of North End Halifax to become change agents. They create innovative environments for long term impact in food security, education, social inclusion and disrupting the cycle of poverty.

These initiatives are inclusive and diverse. Working together, the community builds urban organic food systems for everyone’s benefit. Programs are based on experiential learning. This social entrepreneurship creates an impact that is inspiring and supportive. More importantly, it mobilizes positive change.

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Fresh Herb Dressings

HB grows all of the fresh herbs in their greenhouse. The bottles and dressings are made by hand. With this in mind, only the best of the best make it to market! All dressings last up to 1 year. Dressings that include dairy should be refrigerated after opening.

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Possibili-teas is a partnership with fair trade Senegalese female farmers. Without delay try Happy Hibiscus or Glowing Green Sencha.

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Hope Blooms Books

The youth share their journey from community vegetable garden, to producing fresh herb dressings, to Dragon’s Den. Not to mention the book includes youth’s words of wisdom, stories, and poetry, and over 75 colour photos.

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